Our perception towards drone-sports

and what we aim to achieve

With a root in the global esports industry, DSC(DroneSportsConnected) has been lauched by ESC(ESportConnected) as an independent drone sports research lab in 2017. In 2018, DSC started the commercial dronesports projects, with the world elite drone pilot group, Team DSC. 

DSC sees the dronesports going through the early phase of evolvement esports culture. The dronesports continue to need the following components for developments:

 - more amateur drone racers

 - pro-teams under management for amatuer racers to join

 - static leagues for pro-teams  to demonstrate the high-level racing performance

 - media coverage to deliver the league to mass viewers that attract sponsors

- fan culture that nurtures dronesports industry from the bottom

DSC has noted the broken interaction among those components and taken a role to connect them to create greater values in the dronesports. 

DSC Projects

with our strategic partners


Technology supporting drone-sports

delivering drone-sports to viewers

비디오 카메라

Drone league promotion

making drone leagues attractive to sponsors

성공 브레인 스토밍

DSC drone pilot team

1st professional Drone Sports Team in Korea

Top-tier performance in the world.

블랙 드론

Drone-sports research

sharing drone-sports deliverables with the drone technology industry

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DSC News

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